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We Live In a World Where Finding a Good Job Is Difficult. Unskilled Workers Are The Most Disadvantaged Since They Do Not Have The Opportunity To Demonstrate Their Abilities. Technology Advances At A Rapid Pace, And It Is Getting Increasingly Difficult To Build A Fortune In The IT Industry. In Kolkata, Several Firms Provide Phony Experience Letter Certificates. After Quitting From The Office, Some Firms Do Not Give A Certificate Right Away. It Creates A Barrier In People’s Life, Leaving Them Impotent When It Comes To Applying For New Jobs. The Most Important Factor Is Experience, However If Credentials Are Not Supplied On Time, Candidates Are Bound To Complain. It Is The Only Alternative Available To Bridge This Gap And Put A Grin On The Candidate’s Face.

Some As A Nefarious Practice See Providing A Fake Experience Certificate In Kolkata. Occasionally, Both Large And Small Businesses Fail To Deliver Letters On The Spot. An ISRO-Certified Firm That Offers A Wide Range Of IT Courses Speaks Well Of Such Credentials. The Letter Is Readily Provided To People Who Have A Gap In Employment Or Who Change Occupations. The Credentials Provided Are 100 Per Cent Authentic, And They Assist Individuals In Applying To Other Prestigious Firms.

The Process Of Verifying A Certificate By Authorized Designated Person/Persons/Departments/Authorities With Their Official Seal And Signature Is Known As Attestation Of Experience Certificates. The Attestation Also Verifies The Validity And Authenticity Of The Issued Certificate In Question. Experience Certificates Can Be Obtained From The Certificate’s Issuing Country.

If The Certificate Is To Be Used In A Country That Is A Signatory To The Hague Convention, It Must Be Certified By The Destination Country’s Embassy In The Country Where The Certificate Was Issued.  If The Certificate Is To Be Used In A Country That Is Not A Signatory To The Hague Convention, It Must Be Attested By The Embassy Of The Country To Which The Certificate Holder Intends To Travel.

For Countries Such As India, The United Arab Emirates, The United States, Malaysia, Australia, Europe, Africa, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, And Bahrain, Dreamsoft Consultancy Provides Experience Certificate Provider In Kolkata Services. Dreamsoft Consultancy Is Known For Delivering The Commitment Along With Experience Certificate Provider In Kolkata In A Very Standardized And Cost Effective Manner, So People Living In Any Part Of The Country Can Easily Get The Experience Certificate Attested.

Dreamsoft Consultancy Is An Authorized Service Provider Of Experience Certificate Provider In Kolkata For All States In India, And We are currently working with large number of industries/companies and having a huge data of candidates from multi sectors of multi discipline.

Consultancy For Genuine Experience Certificate Provider In Kolkata Services Are Known For Providing 100 Per Cent Genuine Attestation On All Certificates Such As Experience Certificate Provider In Kolkata Services Across All Cities In India – Kolkata / Mumbai / Pune / Bangalore / Chennai For All India. We Can Complete The Entire Process, Including Attestation, Even If The Certificate Holder Is Not In The Issuing Country. Reach Out To Us For All The Extended Support Required For Documentation To Get A Hassle-Free Service In Terms Of Experience Certificate Provider In Kolkata.

An Experience Certificate Assumes A Significant Part In Boosting Your Work Profile And Getting Occupations Broadly Or Internationally. In Case, You Are Looking For A Real And Genuine Experience Certificate Provider. Our Organization Is The Best Experience Certificate Provider In India; We Are Here To Give You Work Experience Certificates, Genuine Experience Certificates, And Archives Supporting Your Check From An Existing Organization. There Is No Fake Involved. We Are Not Experts But Rather A Functional Organization Providing Occupations In India And Across The Globe With Confirmed Documentation


It Is Critical To Succeed In The IT Industry. Everyone Aspires To Achieve The Pinnacle In Their Profession. However, He Is Unable To Land His Ideal Job. It is Because They Lack Experience Or Have A Significant Gap On Their Résumé. If You Want Assistance, You May Call Dreamsoft Consultancy’s Experience Letter Experts, Who Will Answer All of Your Questions about Fake Experience Certificates in Kolkata.


  • Appointment letter
  • Increment Letter
  • Letter
  • Relieving letter
  • Resignation mail acceptance from HR
  • Corporate E-mail ID and access
  • Employee ID Number maintained in database
  • Form-16
  • Bank Statement
  • HR email id and Landline Number for verification
  • Project Manager Details
  • Team Leader Details
  • Sample Resumes for Reference & Job Roles.
  • Salary can also be credited to create Original Bank Statement
  • Lifetime Verification support with 100% assured background verification irrespective of the company you might join.